Are you ready to take advantage of the international hemp health and wealth revolution?

I'm so happy you've landed here in this moment in time. Big ALOHAS from the Big Island! I do believe in Divine timing, and the fact that you're here is no accident. If you are anything like me you are passionate about helping people and creating a positive impact on the world. As a bodyworker and life coach, I help people heal in their bodies, minds, and spirits.

Many of my clients right now are dealing with huge amounts of stress, brain fog, whacky hormones, inflammation, and pain. I do my best to provide my clients with the most effective tools and modalities to bring them out of stress and overwhelm, and back to center and bliss. With Covid changing all of our lives, there has never been a more essential time to focus on our health. It's also a huge opportunity for many of us to pivot and diversify in our businesses. In this post-Covid landscape, being open and creative, and diversifying your income is crucial.

In March when I had to shut down my massage practice, I was so grateful that I still had good money coming in from my hemp "side hustle." The beauty of this business model is that it can pay you passively and residually. The timing has never been better, with global expansion right around the corner. I've experienced first hand how amazing it is to grow internationally and the positive effect that has had on my life and income. 🙂

In the video below my business partner Dara Ekster gives an amazing overview of our products, along with Annette Gano. You will see why I chose to align with this company as an affiliate over other choices out there. Simply put, these products are the best.

If you decide to become a customer or join the team, I am here to support you fully. You don't have to be an expert on cannabis. We provide excellent affiliate training, as well as exclusive coaching. Our Freedom Community facebook group is a collection of inspiring humans from all over the US, Japan, and Mexico. Soon we are expanding into Africa, Asia, and more of Latin America. The potential for growth here is infinite.

And I haven't even mentioned the BONUSES included for those of you who enroll in PMB with me. Your bonuses are outlined below the video, along with some FAQs.

Enjoy the webinar! If you have any questions, or you'd like to get on a call with me, please use the form below to schedule. I can't wait to get to know your goals and help you achieve them!


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Enroll with my Team and Access These Exclusive Bonuses!

Starting a business is one thing, but knowing how to actually generate income from it is another. Our team offers exclusive business building training to teach you how to build your business the right way, both online and offline.

ALL new affiliates on my team receive:

  • Welcome Call with Top Income Earners

  • Solid Business Training to Recoup your Investment in the First 30 Days (and make a profit!)

  • Transformational Group Life Coaching

  • Money and Mindset Meditations

  • Exclusive Coaching Calls for the Ladies to Learn to Work from your Power and Pleasure

  • Business Mastermind Facebook Group

  • Learn how to generate leads on social media and attract amazing prospects (no chasing people down!)

  • Funnels and Email templates to automate your lead generation

  • On-going 1:1 coaching with Brenna for those who are serious about exploding your income. (Enroll with a Life's Essentials, 12 Pack, or Business Package to qualify)



What’s Next?


Q: Is this one of those pyramid things?

A:  Like the Giza pyramids? Hehe, just kidding! Actually, no. Pyramid schemes are illegal. Network marketing is a business model that rewards you for enrolling distributors and growing an organization of distributors. The way the compensation plan is set up, anyone who enrolls has a chance to make more money than the person who enrolled them. It's cool.

Q: Is there a monthly product purchase requirement?

A:  Not necessarily. However, in order to receive commissions an affiliate must be "active." That means that either the affiliate or a customer purchases $89 worth of product per month. Personally, I have customers who purchase every month, and so I make money rather than spend it. I teach you how to do the same.

Q: What countries can I sell in and enroll business partners?

A: Currently, Prime my Body is open in the U.S., Japan, and Mexico. We are poised to open very soon in Africa, Asia, and some Latin American countries. Stay tuned!

Q: Do I have to sell to my friends and family?

A: You build your business however you want! With online marketing, the possibilities for growth are endless.

Q: Will I be pressured to sell?

A: Absolutely not! When you sign up, you are in control of your destiny. We offer the training and the tools. You are responsible for building your business. We are one big hemp family regardless if you sell a single bottle or not. You are welcome here.

Have another question?